Rebecca Rose

About Me

Laura Saville

Owner and Photographer

I have been involved with photography since age 19 (many, many years ago!) I began in store portrait studios working mainly with children.  I was lucky enough to intern with an experienced photographer where I learned the ins and outs of the darkroom, posing, weddings and senior portraits, and a lot of time spent fine tuning my work.  About 10 years ago, I decided that while I loved working with kids and families, I really enjoyed wedding work.  So I launched my first website and immersed myself in wedding photography.  I enjoy spending this most special day with a couple and capturing the happiest moments.  I have recently branched out into boudoir photography.  Showing women how beautiful they truly are is such a wonderful way to make a living.  I love photography and working with wedding and boudoir photography allows me to capture the essence of love and beauty.  I could not love my job more.